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Flu Shot Information for Health Benefit Representatives

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC), in cooperation with the State Health Plan, is again offering state agencies the opportunity to host seasonal flu shot clinics at designated employee worksites from September 10 to December 31, 2014. Maxim Healthcare Services, a vendor of BCBSNC, will send a team of nurses to worksites and provide shots while supplies last to your employees, retirees and dependents who are covered by the State Health Plan and/or BCBSNC. Children between the ages of four and 17 must be accompanied by parents. Children under four must go to a physician for their seasonal flu shot. Family members and employees who are not covered by the State Health Plan and/or BCBSNC will be charged $30 per seasonal flu shot.

We encourage you to complete the online flu shot clinic request form that is available on BCBSNC's website at The attached documents describe how the program will work and the Health Benefits Representatives' responsibilities. If you are interested in hosting a seasonal flu shot clinic, please review these documents carefully and complete the online flu shot clinic request form.

The criteria for hosting a seasonal flu shot clinic include the following:

  • Requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • The worksite must be able to guarantee that at least 25 flu shots will be given.
    • If your site cannot guarantee at least 25 vaccinations per clinic, you may team up with another agency and/or allow retirees and dependents to attend your clinic.
    • If you host a clinic with another agency, you must agree on one site for the clinic.
    • If less than 25 seasonal flu shots are given, Maxim will charge the agency $25.00 for each shot that falls short of the minimum – no exceptions.
  • If you have multiple worksites, one form must be completed for each site.
  • Members must present a valid State Health Plan and/or BCBSNC ID card and a photo ID.

As an added convenience, State Health Plan members and their dependents may also get their seasonal flu shot at their in-network doctor's office, in-network health department, a participating Minute Clinic (search Find a Doctor for "Convenience Care Centers" under Advanced Search) or by a North Carolina in-network immunizing pharmacist (under Advanced Search, select "Pharmacist – Flu and Other Limited Injections" under Convenience Care). Similar to last year, BCBSNC will not be offering seasonal flu shots at regional clinics and retail locations.

Please be aware that any worksite clinics not arranged between BCBSNC and their flu shot vendor, Maxim, or seasonal flu shots not obtained through an in-network physician's office, health department, Minute Clinic or by a participating pharmacist may result in a cost to the member.

If you have questions about your seasonal flu shot clinic request, please contact Maxim at For more information about the flu shot program, visit the BCBSNC website.

How the Worksite Flu Shot Program will work

HBR Responsibilities

Members eligible for the "What's True About the Flu" program are members on the Enhanced 80/20 Plan, Consumer-Directed Health Plan and the Traditional 70/30 Plan. Members of any of the Humana or UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plans should contact them directly for flu shot information:

  • Humana: 800-944-9442
  • UnitedHealthcare: 866-747-1014
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