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Worksite Seasonal Flu Program HBR Responsibilities

HBR Responsibilities for hosting a Seasonal Flu Clinic are described below:

  • Complete the online flu shot clinic request form that is available on BCBSNC's website. If you have questions about your seasonal flu shot clinic request, contact Maxim at
  • Be the liaison with Maxim Healthcare Services. You will receive a call from your local Maxim representative within 48 hours of your request to review the request form, finalize dates and times, and discuss any special needs or circumstances. The Maxim representative will give you their contact information including phone number, key contact names and e-mail addresses.

    The local Maxim contact will continue to communicate with you after your clinic dates have been booked. You will receive a monthly update that your clinic is still on schedule, either via e-mail or by phone until October 1. After October 1 you will receive confirmation two weeks prior to your clinic date or dates and a final confirmation 24 hours prior to your clinic date.
  • Secure a location for the clinic (i.e. conference room or cafeteria). Please ensure the location has adequate chairs and tables for the seasonal flu shot clinic. Your Maxim representative will help you determine what is adequate.
  • Help promote the clinic to maximize participation. You will receive a Clinic Promotions Kit from your local Maxim representative that will include a poster, FAQ flyer, sample communication to employees and information on how to host a successful seasonal flu shot clinic.
  • Distribute the fliers and promotional material. Ensure that the promotional posters are prominently displayed. You will need to enter the date, time and location of your scheduled clinic on the posters.

*Maxim's policy is to immunize children four to 17. A parent/guardian must be present for children between the ages of four and 17. Children under age four should see their primary care physician for immunizations, including the flu shot, in order to get the vaccine administered in a child's dose.

If less than 25 seasonal flu shots are given at your worksite clinic, Maxim will charge the Agency $25.00 for each shot that falls short of the minimum – no exceptions.

Visit the BCBSNC website for more information about the 2014 flu program.

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