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Blue OptionsSM, BlueCard®, BlueExtrasSM & Blue365™ Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard the terms Blue OptionsSM, BlueCard®, BlueExtrasSM, and Blue365™. What are they exactly?
Blue OptionsSM is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina's (BCBSNC) network of preferred providers that the State Health Plan has contracted with to provide the health plan options. The BlueCard® program links participating health care providers and the independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans across the country and abroad with a single electronic process for professional, outpatient and inpatient claims processing and reimbursement. The program allows members obtaining health care services while out of town to receive the same benefits of their Blue Cross plan and access out-of-town providers' savings. In most cases, the provider's bill claims directly to their local Plans without requiring up-front payment from the member. The BlueExtrasSM and Blue365™ are free value-added programs that complement the health plan by providing discounts on everything from vitamins and laser vision correction to gym memberships. It's a gateway to saving money and taking charge of your health.
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