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Program Reduces the Cost of Generic Cholesterol-lowering Medications

*This program applies to the Traditional 70/30 Plan and the Enhanced 80/20 Plan.

Many members do not realize how important it is to take their medications as prescribed. For instance, when members who have high blood cholesterol do not take their medications correctly, they can endanger their health and increase the risk of heart disease. It has been documented that the high cost of prescriptions can be a barrier to taking cholesterol medications regularly, as prescribed.

In order to address the possible cost barriers to taking these important medications, the State Health Plan has launched a cholesterol-lowering medication adherence program, with the goal of encouraging members to take their cholesterol medications consistently. The copay for all generic cholesterol-lowering medications is $4 for a 1-month supply, or $10 for a 3-month supply. The lower copays apply at any retail pharmacy of your choice in the State Health Plan network and Medco Pharmacy, the Plan's mail order pharmacy.

The generic cholesterol-lowering medications in this program include:

Name Brand Generic Equivalent
Lipitor® Atorvastatin
Questran® Cholestyramine/sucrose
Questran Light® Cholestyramine/aspartame
Colestid® Colestipol 1g tablets & 5g packets
Tricor® Fenofibrate
Antara® Fenofibrate
Trilipix® Fenofibric Acid
Lescol® Fluvastatin
Lopid® Gemfibrozil
Mevacor® Lovastatin
Advicor® Lovastatin ER/Niacin ER
Niaspan® Niacin ER
Lovaza® Omega-3-acid ethyl esters
Pravachol® Pravastatin
Zocor® Simvastatin

If you have additional questions about this program, call Express Scripts Member Service at 800-336-5933.

The State Health Plan has developed this important program to support you in taking your cholesterol-lowering medication as prescribed, and as affordably as possible.

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