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*Applicable to the Traditional 70/30 Plan, Enhanced 80/20 Plan, and Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CDHP).

Compare the Cost of Alternative Prescriptions

Prescription drug saving opportunities are just a click away with My Rx Choices.

If you're using® to manage your medications, My Rx Choices is a tool that may help you lower your prescription drug costs. It is available at no charge to all registered users of With My Rx Choices, you can easily identify potential cost-saving alternatives for any of your prescriptions or for a medication you might take in the future. For those members who have elected the CDHP, My Rx Choices can assist with identifying approximate costs of prescription medications. Those alternatives may include generic equivalents, lower-cost brand name alternatives, over-the-counter medications, or in some cases using the Medco Pharmacy service.

Using My Rx Choices is easy. Go to My Rx Choices and log in. Then select your name and one of the listed medications that are part of your personal prescription history, and click the "go" button for the list of cost-saving alternatives. You can also get cost-saving alternatives for a new medication by using the "Search for a drug" option. To take advantage of a cost-saving alternative listed by My Rx Choices, just click the "print" button to get your personalized results page, which you can then take to your doctor. It will also print a Medco Pharmacy fax form that your doctor can use to quickly fax a new prescription to Medco — if you choose this option.

Visit to take advantage of many tools and resources that can help you get the best value from your prescription drug benefit. If you are a first-time visitor to the site, it's easy to register. Simply click "Register now" and follow the instructions. You'll need your member ID number and the number of a recent prescription. When you access the site in the future, you'll just need to enter your e-mail address and password.

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