NC Health<em>Smart</em>

Health Coach Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being called by a HealthSmart Health Coach?
Generally, if you receive a phone call from a Health Coach, it is because you have a chronic medical condition or you may be experiencing other medical problems. The Health Coach is calling to offer you assistance with managing your health condition, to provide any needed information about your condition and related medications, and to assist you with questions you may want to ask your doctor at the next visit. The Health Coach contacting you is a highly trained and experienced nurse, registered dietitian or respiratory therapist.
Is my personal health information protected?
Personal health information is protected under federal law and is only released to State Health Plan business partners in order to assist members with managing their health care needs. As required by federal law, the State Health Plan has an agreement with our business partners that protects personal health information. Personal health records are not seen by the State Health Plan.
How can I get off your call list?
If you wish to stop receiving telephone calls from a HealthSmart Health Coach, you can call 800-817-7044 toll free and request to be place on a "Do Not Contact" list. You will still have the ability to contact a Health Coach directly to ask for help with any acute or chronic condition using the toll free number 800-817-7044. Health Coaches are available to take your phone call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.